Youth, Sports & Entertainment

Our Mission

OnDaRise Sports and Entertainment is a platform where our local young talent can thrive and shine. Our commitment to our youth is an investment in our future leaders. We strive toward diversity and bring people from all backgrounds together in a fun, exciting and respectful atmosphere. We are committed to community-building and raising awareness around issues that affect youth in our community through our initiatives and events. 


Our Services

We offer a variety of services from Day camps, Sport camps & After-school programs to Youth Mentorship.

We host and produce sporting & entertainment events that are fun for the whole family.


Coach & Athlete

Coach and Athlete Development opportunities in Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball and more.

Facility & Program

We provide  unique Recreation Facility & Program Management Services for both large and small communities.


Mady Howe

"You are making a great difference in the life of our youth. God has given you a key to Bless the lives of many youth. Turn the key and work your magic.”

Kristina Galic

"Colter is a role model and makes a positive impact on today's youth. Thank you, Coach.”

Jim McKay

"A man with a passion and a purpose. He was our group tour guide for the Sportsplex and the passion was truly there. We were all youth and you know what influences can do! A positive influence from this passionate individual will truly impact the youth he is caring for.”

Hillary Hayley

“…couldn’t be more proud of this guy right here met him as a rookie my 1st year playing pro ball, was my assistant coach we didn’t know each other at all. Throughout my rookie season he helped develop my game and also helped me in areas that would make me a better man, till this day he’s one of the biggest supporters of me and like a big brother, if you know him you know how passionate he is about giving back to his family and community.”

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